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New Creation Reformed Presbyterian
Rev. Scott Wilkinson  |  Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
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New Creation Reformed Presbyterian
888 Trillium
Kitchener, Ontario
New Creation Reformed Presbyterian
154 Martinglen Crescent
Kitcehener, Ontario Canada
N2E 2A2
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“I Agree! Let's Get 'Em Straight.”
Scott Wilkinson from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Hello Pastor Jenkins, Thank you for taking the time to listen and respond. You say that I do not have my facts right. Well,...
Scott Wilkinson | Genesis 1:1-2:9
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Sermon3/22/13 8:00 AM
Lisa from Wales  Contact via emailFind all comments by Lisa
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I loved Mohammed's testimony. Muslim converts are such mega brave men and women. He truly did lose all things for the sake of winning Christ. A real cheer you up half hour - really recommend this and really feel strongly about Muslim evangelism. I find talking to Muslims about Christ easier than talking to most professing Christians -?

Sermon3/28/08 8:12 AM
Scott Wilkinson from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada  Protected NameContact via emailFind all comments by Scott Wilkinson
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“ I Love Peace ”
Dear Brother, I am at a loss to know how anyone could listen to these lectures and conclude that I think the OPC is lost or that I am dividing brothers. If you listen to all of these lectures, I say several times that those who hold to the FH are solid reformed Bible believing Christian men whom I love and highly respect. I do not look down upon any of my Christian brothers for what they believe respecting billions of years, so please don't imply that I do. Secondly, as I said in the lectures (several times), my biggest concern is animal death before the Fall, not the age of the Earth. We might disagree about the reason why people adopt the FH, but lets' engage the critical issue: the doctrine of the curse. Sincerely, In Christ, Scott

Sermon3/27/08 10:38 AM
Pastor Mark Jenkins from Madison, Wisconsin  Protected NameFind all comments by Pastor Mark Jenkins
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“ The Way to Peace ”
Rev. Wilkinson, Your quotes demonstrate my point. A RESULT of the Framework Interpretation is that it leaves open the possibility for a Bible believing Christian to hold to an old earth view. But that is a RESULT of the interpretation, not the REASON for the view, as you state. The reason for Dr. Kline's interpretation was his reading of scripture. It was exegetical. I knew him and I assure you that was the case. You yourself interacted with his exegetical arguments. You may disagree with his exegesis and criticize it, that is fine, but please don't lower yourself to make the unfounded claim that "the only reason" to hold to an analogical view of the days is to "accommodate billions of years into Genesis 1." That was never Kline's reason and it is not the reason for MANY others in Kline's denomination, and mine (the OPC), for holding to such a view. So again, please get your facts straight so that the people of God can benefit from honest and proper interaction regarding the teaching of scripture, and so that false divisions are not created between our denominations. P.S. This information should bring you great joy. Your brothers in the OPC are not as lost as you think!

Sermon3/26/08 2:42 PM
Scott Wilkinson from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada  Protected NameContact via emailFind all comments by Scott Wilkinson
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“ I Agree! Let's Get 'Em Straight. ”
Hello Pastor Jenkins, Thank you for taking the time to listen and respond. You say that I do not have my facts right. Well, I did quote from Kline himself: “I have advocated an interpretation of biblical cosmogony according to which Scripture is open to the current scientific view of a very old universe and, in that respect, does not discountenance the theory of the evolutionary origin of man.” And again from Lee Irons: “I will state at the outset that I find the empirical evidence for an old earth and universe to be compelling, if not incontrovertible.” I would also add that in my 13 years of pastoral ministry, I have never, met a man who held to the FH without first holding to the assumption that the universe is billions of years old. Not one. It is also worth noting that the metaphorical views of Genesis 1 that existed before the reformation were by and large rejected by the reformers based on exegesis. As far as the text of Scripture exegetically demanding a metaphorical interpretation... I find it exegetically straining to argue that the meaning behind the text (i.e. upper and lower registers etc.), actually negates what is the most obvious thing in the text (viz. a sequential order). Sincerely, In Christ, Scott Wilkinson

Sermon3/26/08 11:42 AM
Pastor Mark Jenkins from Fitchburg, WI  Protected NameContact via emailFind all comments by Pastor Mark Jenkins
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“ Let's get our facts straight! ”
I would like to ask my dear brother, Rev. Wilkinson, to get his facts straight when critiquing a view. I do not hold to the Framework Interpretation but I know many who do. Rev. Wilkinson is wrong in his assessment. He states, "The only reason why some Christians would deny the ordinary length of the days is in order to accommodate billions of years into Genesis 1." This is simply not true. The reason why MANY MANY MANY who hold to none literal day views do so is because of exegetical reasons. It is because that is what the text of scripture demands. One may disagree with their interpretation but to write it off as an effort to cram billions of years into the text is simply wrong. These are men who hate Darwin and love their Bibles. I applaud Rev. Wilkinson for fighting naturalism - bravo! But in this sermon he is picking on a group that does not exist - a straw man. His time and effort would be better spent in attacking real positions that are real threats to Christian orthodoxy.

If God is with you, you will want (lack) neither company nor comfort. ... Samuel Rutherford
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